Online Forms

In an effort to do our part in saving the planet, we have made almost everything available online!

Need to pay your rent but can’t make it to the office? No sweat! This link will direct you to our online Credit/Debit Payment Form. While this feature makes your life easier, it unfortunately costs us the big bucks. So, there is a 3% fee for all credit/debit transactions. Awww Shucks! If this option is not the best for you, we also accept personal checks all day everyday in our dropbox. You can also send your personal check in the mail, and during office hours, you can hand your check  or money order directly to a Met staff member.

Creepy Crawlers are an unfortunate fact of life! Yuck! Luckily, at The Met, we work with World Wide Pest Control Technicians to keep your home free of unwanted visitors…Well, bugs that is. We cannot control the surprise visit from mom and dad, but we will do our part to stop bugs in their tracks when you fill out our online Pest Control Request Form

Toilet running, pesky cabinet door not staying closed…something just not working right? Leave the toolbox at mom and dads place because at The Met, we fix it for you-quick! Fill out our online Maintenance Request Form and Robert will get things up and running ASAP! 

Know you are relocating at the end of your lease term? We are certainly sad to see you go, but we will do our best to make the move as easy as pie. Start by filling out your Notice to Vacate form online. And, while you are at it, get your copy of our Move-Out Instructions. If only the furniture moving part was this easy!

Need to move out before your lease contract expires? No worries…Life happens. To accommodate that fact, we allow our residents to sublease their apartment at no additional cost! Whew! AND-To help facilitate a sublease, we have created a simple online Sublease Form. What? How does this form work? Easy-Once you have filled out the online Sublease Form, your information goes directly into a spreadsheet that we provide to those who are interested in taking over a sublease. People interested in your unit contact you directly so you two can discuss the lease terms, dates, etc. Don’t forget to read the Sublease Terms!

Forgot to grab your package before you left town? Can’t make it to the office to grab it during office hours? Your friend who is dog-sitting de-magnatized your keycard and is locked out? Not to worry… we have heard it all! And, we have made it easy to remedy the situation- Simply fill out our online Package & Key Release form, email/fax us a photo ID, and we will release a key or a package to the person of your choice.

Need a roommate? You are not alone! Find one through our online roommate matching process! Get started by filling out the online Roommate Matching Form. Then use this link to access the live spreadsheet of potential roommates. Don’t forget to check the spreadsheet often!

Fill out your Lease Contract Addendums to make your move-in as easy as pie! Click here to access the PDF documents.

Questions or concerns? Check out our FAQ page OR contact us!